2012 Normal Festival: Guide Us Into Arts

For the seventh time in a row, we have dedicated The Normal Festival to life stories and art of people who are a bit slow in doing things, have a little difficulty in grasping the outside world and never ranked among the top achievers in school, yet can be all the more inspiring for us all because let’s admit it: Who cares for swots? So, let’s repeat loud: PUNK’S NOT DEAD!

The 7th Normal Festival (7 – 11 November 2012) held under the GUIA (Guide Us Into Arts) Programme will present a number of projects devised by various European theatrical and dancing groupings of people with learning disabilities whose productions will be supplemented by traditional film screenings and art exhibitions. The events will be held in the Alta Studio, Hall 30 (U Výstaviště 21, Prague 7), the Aero Cinema (Biskupcova 31, Prague 3), the Czech Centre (Rytířská 31, Prague 1), the Alfréd ve dvoře Theatre (Františka Křížka 36, Prague 7) and the Divus Prager Kabarett (Bubenská 1, Prague 7).


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